May 2021 Notice

Some home decor and clothing items are sold out and won’t be in stock until ordered again. We print on demand once an order is paid for. Please check with the studio via email to see if your item is in stock or you may order directly from Le Galeriste:

Anne Camozzi Art Home Decor and Clothing Collection

LE GALERISTE Montrèal design and I are collaborating to produce Anne Camozzi Art home decor and clothing items made in Canada. Their mission is to “support artists through the sale of environmentally and humanly responsible garments and items, made in Montrèal by well paid seamstresses using vegan fabrics and water based inks.” Even the inside of the pillows are made in Canada. These exclusive, one of a kind Anne Camozzi Art items are perfect for your home or the room of a loved one in Long Term Care or hospital. All orders must be pre-paid and will be on a first come-first served basis. I will only do a few designs and limited numbers of each print order.

Anne Camozzi Art Gift Certificates

We offer gift certificates in three denominations.

Gift certificates can be used to purchase products on the site.

Gift certificates are delivered immediately via email.