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“This unique guide uses captivating art and powerful words to reflect emotions and calm the mind. Anne restores your soul in this visually stunning treasure. Time spent with Galaxies will make your heart sing.” Trudy Eagan, Former Executive Vice-President, C.A.O. &Member of the Board of Directors, Sun Media Corporation

Galaxies is a work of transcendent beauty. Visual and written images offer anyone with pain, suffering, chronic or life-challenging illness, a vision of serenity, grace, even divinity. Every hospice, palliative care unit, and place of care should have a copy. A truly healing work of art”. John Graham-Pole, MD, MRCP-UK. Emeritus Professor of Pediatric Oncology & Palliative Care, Co-Founder & Co-Director Center for Arts Medicine, University of Florida

Galaxies is a testament to the resilience and courage of an incredibly gifted artist. Anne is an inspiration to us all and helps guide us into the transformative potential of art. Join with her and find your way into a transcendent, meditative and healing space”. Mary Lynch MD FRCPC Professor Anesthesiology, Pain management and preoperative care, Psychiatry and Pharmacology, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS

“This evocative book powerfully weaves images, words and colours together to provide a gentle, healing message, both for those receiving care as well as for those providing care. The overall effect is a general sense of calm and meditative serenity, easily accessed by readers of all ages and personal situations.” Barbara deMarsh, Palliative Care and Dialysis Social Worker, NS Health Authority

“Truly helpful and unique, Galaxies can be used by many to make the burden of illness and periods of care more tolerable, bringing calm to environments that can cause stress. This book is a pocket-aid for humans facing the end of their lives. It can distract patients from the focus of their pain to a focus of beauty and inner peace. It is a beautiful gift to people who are struggling with their own suffering, giving them the ability to connect with their senses through guided imagery when coping with such a difficult time in their lives.” Janelle MacKay, Cancer & Supportive Care Services, St. Martha’s Hospital, Antigonish, NS

“I have an incurable disease, neurosarcidosis, which adds significant dysfunction, pain, and profound fatigue to my life. It challenges me to keep going. Anne Camozzi’s art draws me in to vibrant colours and spirals of life energy, expressing the cries of my soul in a way that I cannot.” G.R. Pennsylvania, USA

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“I am a very appreciative recipient of one of Anne’s silk paintings, called “Prayers for Patricia”. It is very meaningful as I received it unexpectedly during a difficult time. My sister Carol got the idea to have Anne do a silk art painting for me that portrays me in the middle, surrounded by my sisters, mother and aunt. I particularly like the vine that connects all of us, beautifully illustrating the spiritual connection between loved ones. My sisters, mother and aunt all contributed thoughts, which Carol relayed to Anne, who so creatively put it all together. I just love Anne’s use of colours. The painting hangs in my living room, where I see it everyday. It is a constant reminder of the love and support of my family and has been beneficial to my healing. I will always remember how touched I was to receive such a special gift. It is a wonderful way for family or friends to show support to someone going through trying times. My gratitude and respect go out to Anne for the good work that she does.” – Patricia


“A few years ago, a client of mine showed me a drawing of her pain. It was an explosion of moving color with deep symbolism and constrained energy. I immediately encouraged her to continue her artistic exploration of adversity. Little did I know that a few months later, I would gain so much from her gift.

Gifts are often hidden and disguised, held inside, quiet and unseen. Sometimes we encounter a challenge that brings such gifts to light. Anne has found joy in her own suffering and uses her art to brighten the darkness of others. When our daughter was diagnosed with cancer at age 2, we stumbled forth in the dark. Maryn’s “Healing Angel” became a sign of hope and an icon of optimism. It traveled wherever we went and brightened the mood of everyone who walked in our hospital room. It continues to adorn the walls of our beautiful daughter’s room and is now a symbol of healing and health.

In addition to providing light for us, Anne’s unique and moving artwork enabled us to share our hopes and dreams for other children suffering from cancer. Her angel paintings now watch over children from Nova Scotia to California, some who are healed and others who are on their way. We pray that solace continues to be found in the beauty and meaning of angelic light.” – Nick Matheson

Celebration Silks


“The moment I was introduced to Anne Camozzi’s work, I felt an energy that spoke of the heart and soul this gifted artist pours into every piece. Whether it is a silk painting celebrating a special union, a revered healing silk that will bring light to someone in an otherwise dark period, a piece that celebrates the gifts of nature, or art that is purely whimsical, we should all live with an Anne Camozzi original silk painting. I am the proud owner of a starfish silk that has a place of honour in my office – partially to share with as many people as possible but mostly because it brings beauty and joy into my life.” – Debbie Lawrence


“The silk Anne painted for us defined the spirit and tone for our whole wedding celebration. The consultation process with her not only helped us create a vision for our painting, but was also a creative process that helped us imagine and define what we wanted our wedding to be like. We used the image on our invitations, sharing with our family and friends a true visual image that represented “us” and sharing the anticipation for a unique and very personal wedding. Everyone remarked on the beauty and personal quality of our invitations. On our wedding day the painting itself was part of the setting, and best of all we will always have it hanging in our home as a symbol of the day and our commitment to each other. Anyone who is looking for that unique and very personal component for their wedding ceremony will really enjoy the experience of creating a silk with Anne and exploring all the different options of how to incorporate her ideas into your celebration vision.” – Jenny Macaulay