Mary Southard Art: One Blue World

Hi friends

So honoured that American artist and leader in Eco-thinking and healing arts ministry, Mary Southard has posted an edited version of my blog from Kairos on “One Blue World”. Mary has been a major influence on my art practice and has mentored and encouraged me. Many of you will know her beautiful work from the Ministry of the Arts calendar. I hope you enjoy her website as well as my guest blog.

Featured Artist & Interview

Hi friends,

Today I’m excited to share that I am a featured artist on Lisa Koschwitz Salerno’s website. Ms. Salerno is a Boston based artist and writer associated with Lyrical Abstraction, feminism and equality. She also does great work interviewing other artists.  The full article available here features an interview with me, as well as a selection of some of my work:

Thanks so much to Lisa and I hope you enjoy reading this.


Spirited Reflections: One Blue World

I have shared some thoughts in honour of Earth Day this Saturday. It can be found here:

“Anne Camozzi, artist from Nova Scotia, has shared her thoughts and her One Blue World painting for Earth Day, this coming Saturday. Celebrating environment, art and healing, she began with an understanding of the importance of water and life and how our artistry and creativity can help heal ourselves and our world.  She explores this year’s theme of environmental literacy, encouraging us to  ensure that environmental education embraces arts, harnesses creativity and explores passion, play, awe, and reverence.'”

– Susan James, Member Relations Associate, KAIROS

Book Launch

Thanks to everyone who came to the launch of Galaxies. It was wonderful to see that my book has such wide appeal and so much support. I will cherish the memories of the affirming and love-filled joy that was in the room. I hope everyone who bought Galaxies will help spread the word and contact me if you have ideas about where it should be sold.

A book of my art and writing

I am proud and excited about Galaxies, my new book of art and writing, which I will be officially launching September 30, 2016 at 4:00 pm at People’s Place Library, Main St, Antigonish, NS.  All are invited. You can learn more about the story behind my book by clicking on “About Galaxies”.

Though we are launching in September, the first books are now available for sale. You can learn where and how to buy Galaxies by clicking on the Purchase Galaxies link, which appears at the right or bottom of your screen, depending on the device you are using.